Social Media Management

Social media has become an indispensible part of the marketing mix for many businesses and one of the best ways to reach customers and clients. Social media platforms, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have a number of benefits for companies and are fast overtaking traditional media formats such as print and TV ads, brochures, flyers and email campaigns. In many ways, social media levels the playing field for businesses as it is accessible to anyone, regardless of company size, turnover and contacts.

Social media statistics are immediately measurable, whereas traditional media figures often need to be monitored over a long period of time. With social media, businesses can test marketing messages and approaches, gauge user responses and tweak the message accordingly. is a Crowd Sourcing, social interaction marketing application built on the popularity, strength and reach of Twitter platform for the Nigerian market reaching over 2,000,000 users and still counting. Its approach to marketing is direct and gives real time feedback from its users. NairaTweets also gives you control over what the influencers say and detailed analytics to track your spending and other features.

The rich features of this solution include:

  • User functionalities

    1. Users can register
    2. Users can add campaign
    3. Users can view campaign statistics (amount earned etc), schedule tweets, instant tweet, delete tweets.
    4. Users can update their data 5 Users can check tweet worth and earning balance.
    6. Users can cash out on the system

  • Advertiser

    1. Advertisers can Register
    2. Advertisers can create campaign
    3. Advertisers can pause campaign after activation
    4. Advertisers can add sample tweets (manual and excel).
    5. Advertisers can message influencers that have joined the campaign
    6. Advertisers can invite friends via email
    7. Advertisers can view statistics of campaign

  • Administrator (everything advertiser can do plus)

    1. View users
    2. Send message to every member
    3. Invite users to join campaign
    4. Set factor, scale and budget
    5. Disable instant tweet or schedule tweet.
    6. Activate campaign.

  • Notifications

    1. Registration (User and advertiser).
    2. Forgot password.
    3. New campaign by advertiser.
    4. Message to influencers on a campaign
    5. General invitation to campaign based on tweet worth
    6. Message to all members of Nairatweets based on special template.