Loyalty Management

Increasing competition is daily business in most industries. Loyalty programmes are becoming increasingly significant, especially in the retail and travel & transportation sectors. What was a marketing tool in the past has evolved into an essential part of a company’s core business. Loyalty programmes add value and support sustainable profitability.

Our Loyalty Management Suite (Loyalty Hub) is a flexible soft-ware platform. It enables you to successfully set up and operate customer loyalty programmes. Its modular system maps the full chain of customer loyalty activities – from administering the card and account logic to managing redemption processes and conducting marketing campaigns. Loyalty Hub also helps you better understand the needs of your target groups by using software to pool all the information available in your company. In this way, the lifestyle, tastes and preferences of individual customers can be called up at the touch of a button.

You can plan and execute marketing activities and their impact. LOYALTY HUB is geared specifically towards the requirements of the airline and retail industries and can be integrated into any existing IT landscape.

The Loyalty Hub is a solution that meets even the most challenging demands. It has a modular structure and offers a comprehensive range of functions for setting up and operating successful, customized customer loyalty programmes. It can be easily adapted to your specific needs and offers a number of benefits:


Market developments require changes of business rules on short notice. Flexibility is one of the most important features of LMS.
LMS can be easily adapted to the individual requirements of your company. Even highly personalized marketing measures can be controlled via Loyalty .
LMS allows integration of external systems that provide information for the customer loyalty programme e.g. a CRM system or the data warehouse.

Ease of Integration

LMS fits seamlessly into existing environments. The system is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA ) and can be easily integrated with existing CRM systems, call centre applications or your companies ERP system. Future integration activities are also easily realizable.


The structure of LMS allows the system to grow along with the company. It handles high transaction volumes with ease. There is no limitation to the number of partners, touch points and service providers.

Ease of Use

LMS features an excellent user-friendly interface, which is easily accessible for marketing managers, sales staff, logistics service providers, and programme partners.

Loyalty Hub enables you to

1. React to market developments quickly
2. Develop targeted promotions and products
3. Measure campaign successes
4. Be ahead of competitors

It is essential that a loyalty management IT system provides all modules needed to manage the different aspects of a programme. The Loyalty Management Suite accomplishes this and designs each module to be easily adapted to individual user requirements ensuring the successful management of next generation customer loyalty programmes.

Programme Management

The programme management module defines the look & feel of your loyalty programme. It manages the rules for account hierarchies and the types and categories of bonus points as well as registration modalities. It defines bonus point redemption and expiration. It also defines identification means & mechanisms, customer card variants, login types and your member status concept.

Account Management

Account management is the central pillar of the Loyalty Management Suite. All account activity is recorded in this module, including purchases, earned bonus, status points and redeemed rewards. LOYALTY HUB is scalable and powerful enough to run millions of accounts and process a correspondingly high number of transactions.

Partner Management

Programme partners create added value for customers by offering them additional opportunities to collect points and so earn rewards more quickly. Smooth exchange of information between participating partners is extremely important. This module provides the services required to manage partner organizations and/or their services and products and integrate them into the programme.

Membership Management

Your members are the heart of your programme, so management of membership data is one of the core tasks of LOYALTY HUB . It handles all aspects of the membership life cycle, from registration to replacement of lost cards to status management. It serves as the bridge to the CRM system. It also records and maintains the relationships between members, accounts, cards, partners and programmes.

Promotion Management

Marketing promotions are the driving force behind every customer loyalty programme. This module helps to implement them. The cockpit called business rules administrations centre allows you to easily set up new promotions for collecting or redeeming – based upon members, tier levels, products and services. It only takes a few clicks to define them. A close interaction with existing data mining tools supports unambiguous member recognition and customer segmentation.

Redemption Management

The key motivation for participation in a customer loyalty programme is the reward. Convenient redemption
Processes help to secure customers’ long-term loyalty. These include rewards from the online shop, opportunities to turn points into vouchers, donate points to charitable organizations or redeem the cash equivalent.

Clearing Management

Correct and prompt billing between all partners is a fundamental component of the programme. The LOYALTY HUB rules take account of hierarchies such as branch structure, partners or specific agreements. The billing module provides all the information needed by the finance department, together with the interfaces for general ledger accounting and the accounting systems.