Tutor.NG is an Online Tutoring Platform providing tools for engaging and teaching learners and students with a mission to connect tutors and students all over the world. We want to give our users a place to learn anything, teach anything, and collaborate and anytime, anywhere

The exclusive features save time and enhance collaboration between students and teachers. Tutor.ng allows anyone, whether a school teacher, a person willing to share creative works, a private tutor, a test preparation company, a university to start teaching online

Tutor.NG enables you to learn things - anything; which you cannot or could not learn in school, helps you prepare for tests and exams, expand your horizons and broaden your perspective beyond what you do in everyday life. It effectively promotes student learning and can increase student knowledge in specific areas, subjects and topics through targeted components detailed in each lesson module.

The solution aids increase in basic academic skills such as reading, spelling, history, science, creative arts and more and non-academic skills such as cooking, make up and makeovers and all your general interests. Included in the modules are study guides, notes, resources and self-correcting quizzes and exams.